We need a new Revolution:

Every epoch makes new demands of the people, and in turn the people seek new solutions from their government
and the political system. The Nationalist Democratic Movement (NDM) has come into life to fulfill those demands
of the people of Bangladesh. Demands that have arisen not just due to continued misrule and the mismanagement of
government over decades, but also due to the needs of a new millennium.
The spirit of youth reigns supreme in our youthful nation. It is this bold and undaunted youthful, entrepreneurial, and
tireless spirit that shall lead us to an exemplary global status. But we need urgent reforms in our political structures
to harness this spirit.
Our nation has been riddled with political strife that has been the legacy of our difficult history. It is time that we
cast its dark shadows aside. We must learn from our mistakes over the last four and half decades and start paving a
path to democracy and progress.
A new Bangladesh is on the rise and to serve it in earnest we need to see power devolved to the grassroots. We need
to deliver power to the doorsteps of each citizen, and especially to the marginalized. Our past shows clearly how our
achievements today redound almost absolutely to the toil, innovativeness, and entrepreneurism of our citizens. If we
are to continue on that path of progress then we must empower our citizens to effectively shape their own destiny.
We envision a nation that celebrates diversity, and strengthens our national bonds of unity through inclusion,
respect, democratic values, and social justice.
Democracy and equality of opportunity were the dreams of our freedom fighters. They still remain the dreams of
every living Bangladeshi citizen. What we have received from our politicians so far has only been lip service to
these high ideals.